TMS Car Storage



TMS Car Storage provide secure vehicle storage in The Cotswolds and Warwickshire.​


TMS announced the opening of its third storage unit – boasting improved facilities with increased security, a modern customer waiting area and internal detailing bay. The car storage business needed to quickly fill the space to cover increased overheads and start generating revenue. Supercharged Media was tasked with finding qualified storage leads through social media.​


The first task was to batch-shoot a bank of high-quality photo and video content to distribute as Facebook & Instagram ads. Supercharged Media planned, filmed and edited two videos; announcing the opening of the new unit and discussing frequently asked questions cited by potential customers. The photographs showcased detailing, custom-car covers and the breadth of vehicles stored by TMS.

Using Facebook's Ads Manager, Supercharged Media built a campaign that focused on getting TMS’ content in front of an audience that matched and built on its current customer profile. We targeted people based on their age, gender, demographics and online behaviour. We tested a number of different conversion objectives, from setting up ads that optimised for reach, where our content was shown to as many people as possible. To date, our most successful conversion objective has been lead generation ads, where social media users are presented with a form to fill out to request a call back, to learn more about TMS’ car storage services. Supercharged Media has continuously split test target audiences, creative (photos/videos), text and call-to-actions to keep our cost per enquiry low.


To ensure all potential customer data was stored correctly, we set up an easy-to-navigate CRM in Capsule. This meant whenever a lead submitted their details requesting a call back from TMS, all their contact details and vehicle information would be automatically uploaded to Capsule, with the data pulled through courtesy of Zapier, which also sent an instant notification to Glen's mobile phone so he could follow up with each lead as quickly as possible.



In the first two months our lead generation campaign has delivered over 60 qualified storage enquires for TMS. Every week a handful of new paying customers are being checked into the new Cotswolds unit, with Glen regularly undertaking tours of his facilities with other leads generated from social media. We look forward to forming a long-lasting relationship with TMS Car Storage.