Young Driver



Young Driver has been delivering driving lessons and experiences for under 17s since 2009, they sold their millionth Young Driver lesson in 2021 and operate out of 70 private venues all over the UK.



Increase the online sales made by Young Driver website whilst keeping cost per unique customer acquisition under £5.


Our Young Driver e-commerce campaign combines the accuracy of Google ads and scale of Facebook ads.


When we acquire a new e-commerce client we undertake an extensive audit of their past ad campaigns across Facebook and Google. We identify where budget has been spent profitably and where budget has been spent with low returns. We use this data and insight to build a more profitable and sustainable ad campaign.


Our Facebook ads utilise a simple structure of targeting interest, lookalike and custom audiences.


Our interest audience promotes Young Driver’s services to parents that use Facebook within our target customer age profile. Our lookalike audience utilises Young Driver’s customer database, and uses Facebook’s machine learning to find users on its platform with similar digital characteristics to this past customer list. Our custom audience retargets past customers encouraging them to buy more lessons, and targets prospects that have engaged with Young Driver’s website, social media and email marketing campaigns.


From our research we found the search volume was high for several terms that Young Driver could target. We used Google Search ads for our initial campaign testing.


Google paid search ads help discover a cold audience, someone that is looking for the services Young Driver offers but they haven’t been introduced to the company yet. We can also capture high-quality leads that are near the point of conversion by bidding on brand search terms, by doing this we also protect the brand against competitors trying to capitalise on their trademark. For prospects that don’t purchase through Google, we retarget them with a new set of ads on Facebook.


In the first week on Google we spent £272 on ads to generate more than £9,000 in sales, resulting in an average cost per customer acquisition of £1.29.


Our Facebook campaigns have seen up to £2,727 in sales generated in a single day,whilst keeping our customer acquisition costs well under the target £5 cap.