Viezu Technologies



Viezu Technologies is one of the biggest ECU tuning companies in the world. Viezu writes its own ECU tuning software from its headquarters in Bidford-on-Avon, which is used by over 800 tuning companies around the world. 


Obtain more local tuning customers wanting to enhance the performance of their vehicle. 


Supercharged Media briefed Viezu’s in-house videographer on the video and photo assets needed to build our social media lead generation campaign. We focused on creating content that showcased Viezu's position as a thought leader in the tuning industry, and covered all frequently asked questions someone may have before tuning their vehicle. 


The video content was centred about company owner and founder, Paul Busby, who presented ten sixty second videos covering: the benefits of vehicle tuning, the differences between a stage 1/2/3 remap, how economy remapping works, and a selection of other topics that added value to our target customer. 


Once the content was filmed, we created a new Viezu Technologies Instagram so the company’s ‘online shop front’ was ready to start running ads from. After speaking with Paul and learning about the historical customer data, we decided to target men 24-55 that live within 50-miles of Viezu’s Bidford-on-Avon HQ. We used Facebook’s interest-based targeting parameters to serve our ads to people that search online for tuning, custom exhausts and performance vehicles.


The first ads we launched was a ‘Traffic’ campaign, which optimises your ads to send as many social media users to a chosen destination, for our campaign Viezu’s new Instagram. We spent £200 to build the initial following of our new Instagram before switching to our next conversion objective - lead generation ads.


Facebook’s lead generation ads enables you to build a custom landing page that is opened by your target audience directly on Facebook and Instagram, where you present the key information around your product or service. Lead generation ads provide great flexibility on how you nurture a lead. You can prompt users to download a PDF to obtain more information about your business. You can prompt a social media users to phone you for a conversation. For our campaign for someone to become a lead they had to leave the details on their vehicle, pick a tuning package they are interested in, and leave their email address and phone number for the Viezu sales team to get in contact.


We populated our landing page with extensive information off Viezu’s website to ensure the prospects where informed about tuning before leaving their details and requesting a call back from a member of Viezu. We connected our landing page to Viezu’s chosen CRM through Zapier, a tool that connects API, and set up email notifications, so the sales team could immediately see new leads coming in. 


Our lead generation ads target feed placements on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the Instagram explore page. The hook for our ads is prompting social media users to request a free tuning quote to learn about the power gains they can receive from a Viezu ECU remap. The ad copy emphasises the key benefits of having your vehicle tuned by Viezu and draws on Viezu’s 13-year’s tuning experience and in-house file writers that develop dyno tested tuning files. 


In October 2021, month three of our lead generation campaign, we acquired 60 leads wanting to book a ECU remap on their car. Ad spend during October was £333.60, which equals an average cost of £5.56 per enquiry. With ECU remapping typically starting from £250 for a basic car, our campaign ensures Viezu achieves a very healthy margin on their marketing investment. We look forward to having a long working relationship with Paul and the Viezu team.