Collecting Cars: automotive digital marketing excellence

It has been fascinating observing the rapid growth of Edward Lovett’s online auction platform, Collecting Cars, which in 2020 sold £48m of vehicles, becoming the highest-grossing car auction platform in the UK. With less than two years of trading, how has Collecting Cars achieved such rapid growth? Supercharged Media explores its digital marketing strategy.

Social media management

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. High-quality images posted across all platforms multiple times a day. Excellent photography is complemented with concise compelling copy. Content mostly announces new stock for sale and also documents numbers achieved by ‘halo’ stock and provides an overview of recently sold vehicles. Instagram deploys a high number of stories around the same topics, as well as interactive quiz-based content to increase audience engagement.

Social media advertising

Ads to build social media followers are utilised across all platforms. Ads to generate website traffic for specific vehicles listed for sale. Ads to retarget social media followers and website traffic (warm audience) with new stock & auction lots ending soon. Ads to source sellers to list vehicles on the platform. Ads to promote new long-form video content produced by new company presenter, James Little.


When Chris Harris talks about anything car-related it’s going to be entertaining and generate huge listeners. The Collecting Cars podcast has been a smart tool to reach some of the UK’s most successful & influential racing drivers, journalists and automotive business owners for in-depth interviews.


James Little is doing an excellent job at building engagement with Collecting Cars’ customers, prospects and fans. His long-form video content exploring the most interesting and unusual vehicles consigned to the platform is charming and creates significant views across Instagram’s IGTV and YouTube.

​Influencer marketing

Chris Harris would detest having this label associated with his name. However, he had a huge automotive audience long before Collecting Cars was conceived. His hosting on the podcast and regular engagement with company content has helped fuel the rapid growth of Collecting Cars’ online following.

What started as a team of only 4 employees back in 2018 has quickly grown into an international sales operation, with Collecting Cars soon-to-be offering lots throughout Europe and Australia. With an engaged automotive audience of 58,000 Instagram followers, 24,000 on Facebook and 21,000 Twitter followers and now a proven sales track record, the growth trajectory of Collecting Cars will not slow down anytime soon. Supercharged Media looks forward to observing the company’s digital marketing in 2021. Congratulations to the Collecting Cars team. Well-deserved success.