PMR Porsche



PMR Motor Services is an independent Porsche specialist in the West Midlands.​


PMR recently relocated to a bigger workshop and invested significantly in new

equipment. Company owner, Paul, wanted to run a campaign to get Porsche owners

and new potential customers through the door. 


We wanted to offer something that would add value and encourage people that

haven’t used PMR before to enquire and visit the new workshop. We decided to

promote a ‘Free Porsche Health Check’. 


Porsche owners could visit PMR and get their car on a ramp for an inspection, a diagnostic to identify any fault codes, short road test, overview of service history to identify any potential overdue jobs and receive a printed out report. This report would document the exact condition of their Porsche with a list of jobs that need doing in order of importance.


Once we had an offer we needed to get it in front of our target audience. We decided to promote the free health check on the Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds, as this is where our audience spends most their time on social media. 


Using PMR’s historical customer data we built our audience to target with ads. Men, 25-65+, that live 30-miles of the business, who look at Porsches online. 


We designed a broad range of ads, with each creative showing a different Porsche model in the workshop. Each ad stated the offer in bold writing at the top of the creative to capture attention, with the location of the workshop at the bottom. The call to action for each ad was to get social media users to message Paul in Facebook Messenger to claim their free health check. 


Paul is consistently receiving a steady stream of enquiries every week from Porsche owners wanting to claim their free health check. In January 2022, 10 new Porsche owners visited PMR to claim the offer, many of these visits were converted into immediate paid work to rectify the areas of improvement addressed in the report.