North Loop Autohaus



North Loop Autohaus is a specialist car dealership retailing high-specification performance vehicles.



Purchase more stock within a local 30-mile radius.  


We used ‘lead generation’ ads in Facebook. This type of campaign enables us to build a custom landing page that is opened within Facebook and Instagram.


Our ads target users based on interests relevant to North Loop Autohaus. The offer: receive a free car valuation.


The content we run in our ads shows customers that have sold their car to North Loop Autohaus or bought a car from the dealership. Generally, authentic content generates a lower cost per lead and builds trust with the target audience.


When prospects click the call-to-action button ‘get quote’ they are taken to a custom-built landing page. This states North Loop Autohaus’ buying criteria:  mileage up to 50,000 miles, up to stage two tuned, full-service history, etc.


After outlining the buying criteria, we capture the contact and vehicle details: make, model, age, mileage, tyre condition, service history, modifications, desired sale price, etc.


Upon submitting their details in the lead form, prospects are presented with a thank you confirmation page. They will then receive an automated ‘thank you’ email and text which prompts them to view the dealership’s latest stock.  This welcome message gives a positive first impression to new customers, allowing them to remember and re-engage.


On Google we used ‘search ads’ for our initial campaign testing. We found the search volume was high within a 30-mile radius of the dealership for several terms that North Loop Autohaus could target.


Google paid search helps to discover a cold audience; someone that is looking to sell their specialist car but hasn’t been introduced to the company yet. These ads appear on the top of the page on Google, getting immediate visibility. Our ads outline the types of vehicles North Loop Autohaus want to buy - this will reduce traffic to the website for irrelevant valuation requests.


All leads are stored in our clients CRM. The sales team follow up with the relevant enquiries and log which prospects convert into vehicle purchases.


The dealership is receiving a consistent stream of high-intent valuation requests from specialist and performance vehicle owners that want to sell. In our first month we generated 48 enquiries across Facebook and Instagram with a cost per lead of £8.06 with 6 cars bought, prepped and listed for sale on the website.


Our Google ads were launched slightly later than Facebook due to changes being made to the client website and Sell Your Car landing page. So far this month we have generated 11 valuation requests, at an average cost of £22 per lead, with cars bought to be confirmed from the sales team.


With email and text marketing now in place, we can use new and existing data to keep customers and prospects engaged by running campaigns for offers, new services and stock updates etc.


For all your automotive Facebook and Google AdWords enquiries please get in touch.