Midland Tuning Centre 



Midland Tuning Centre is one of the largest tuning companies in the West Midlands. 


After launching a new in-house exhaust service, where customers could visit MTC and get a custom exhaust fabricated for their vehicle, company owner Ryan, needed to push the service to new and existing customers. 


Before we built our ad campaign we created a brief on the assets needed to promote the service. A high-quality promotional video showing a custom exhaust being fitted to a customer’s car. Also, a bank of before and after photographs showing the difference between a standard exhaust and custom exhaust fitted on a range of customer vehicles in the MTC workshop. 


Having previously tested Google Ads for a range of services offered by MTC, we knew the average cost per click from Google would likely be too high to promote the exhaust service. We wanted to target people with our ads who were actively looking for a custom exhaust and people that weren’t currently looking but their digital behaviour suggested they could be receptive to our offering. 


The placements we ran our ads on were Facebook and Instagram newsfeed and the Instagram explore page, as the aspect ratio of these placements were most suited to our ad creative. 


We showed our ads to an audience that lived within 25-miles of the Birmingham based workshop, as in Ryan’s experience, this was on average how far his customers would typically travel to use his services.


We set up a Facebook ‘Conversions’ campaign, where we directed traffic from Facebook and Instagram to a custom built landing page we had designed. This page contained all the information regarding getting a custom exhaust system: the different types of exhausts available at MTC, the benefits of having a custom exhaust, before and after photos, customer reviews, videos, etc. 


We embedded a contact form at the top and bottom of the landing page, where social media users were prompted to leave their details so company owner Ryan could call them back and book them and provide a free exhaust quote. 


We ensured Facebook accurately reported the results of our ad campaigns by installing a Facebook pixel on the landing page and implementing Conversions API, to track what users did on the landing page that had opted out of cookie tracking.


We linked our landing page to a CRM we created for MTC, where our leads were segmented by the different services offered by the business. Meaning people that had enquired about exhaust upgrades were in a different list in the CRM to people that have enquired about remapping (another campaign we also manage for MTC). We also ensured all leads generated were sent through to Ryan’s mobile phone as a text, to make the follow up process was as efficient as possible. 


In January 2022, we generated 106 enquires from people wanting a custom exhaust. Since managing our lead generation campaigns for MTC, company owner Ryan, is recruiting 3 new employees to deal with the extra customers generated from our campaigns.