The Carrosserie Company



Carrosserie is one of Britain’s leading restorers of classic and heritage marques and models.


After the business was recently taken under new ownership, Neil Atkinson, wanted to raise the online awareness of the classic car restoration specialist. 


On our first exploration call with Neil we set about finding out as much about Carrosserie as possible. Who its customers are. What customers the company hopes to attract. Past projects. Present projects. And within the first 15-minutes Neil dropped a piece of gold dust. He had just acquired a barn find Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12 for a customer that had tasked Carrosserie with doing a full nut and bolt restoration in only 12 months!


There is a fascination around barn finds. They evoke strong emotions, make people nostalgic and create conversation. We knew distributing the barn find Jag to the right audience would make it go viral. After posting the news to the Carrosserie Instagram and Facebook, we set up the post as an engagement ad in Facebook Ads Manager, where Facebook shows your content to users that are most likely to engage. Engagement ads are an effective way to massively increase the reach of a company announcement on social media, build your follower base and generate high-intent enquiries.


Initially we set the ad to 'narrow targeting' based on age, gender, demographics and online behaviour. Within hours we were receiving comments and direct messages from people who used to own E-Types and existing E-Type owners. The news was spreading fast! 


After a few weeks our cost per thousand impressions were exponentially rising on the E-Type ad as it started to experience ad fatigue within our initial focused audience of 40,000 people. We decided to then switch to a much broader target audience. This saw our cost per thousand impressions sharply drop as Facebook had a larger pool of relevant users to serve the ad to.



To this day our E-Type barn find ad has been shown to 476,095 unique people within our target audience, has received over 1000 comments, 406 shares, and generates a consistent stream of new service and restoration enquiries every month. It has also built several thousand followers across Facebook and Instagram.