Buy Your Classic Car



Buy Your Classic Car is a quick and easy classic car buying service, where you can sell your car from the comfort of your home.



Announce to the world that Buy Your Classic Car is trading and generate a consistent stream of enquiries from classic car owners wanting to sell their vehicles.  


Supercharged Media was responsible for launching the website, social media profiles and Google ads for Buy Your Classic Car.


We built a one page website with a form embedded at the top to capture the details of prospects looking to their car. The form was structured with mandatory and obligatory fields, ensuring we captured information necessary to provide a vehicle valuation, whilst keeping the process of submitting information time efficient to ensure the website converted the highest percentage of visitors into leads. Underneath the website valuation form we created an infographic that displayed the 5 simple steps to selling a vehicle to Buy Your Classic Car, with frequently asked questions embedded in nested menus.


The Buy Your Classic Car website is displayed at the top of Google when various search terms are entered into the search engine that indicates someone is looking to sell a classic car. Google AdWords also referred to as pay per click (PPC) enables you to generate free impressions for a business and only pay when someone clicks your ad and visits your website.


In AdWords we analyse the keywords that send traffic to the Buy Your Classic website, the and the words that lead to valuation requests. We analyse the cost of bidding on different key words and how much we pay to get a prospect to the website, and the cost of completing the form.


Buy Your Classic Car are now receiving a consistent stream of high-intent valuation enquiries from classic car owners looking to sell. Over our initial 3 months we have averaged £9.48 per lead generated (form completion), with the website converting 19.3% of traffic into leads, with an average cost per ad click of £1.83. 
Over the coming months Supercharged Media will be drastically scaling our Google ad to align with the growth projections of Buy Your Classic. More case study updates will be shared throughout 2022. 
For all your automotive Google AdWords enquiries please get in touch.